About the Author

Saundra Terrell is a mother of three and the grandmother of five who resides in the Philadelphia area. After losing her husband of twenty-six years, she started her own business, an Afro-centric crafts store, where she nurtured a creativity bug present in her since she was just a little girl. Her first novel, “NOBODY’S FAULT BUT MY OWN,” and her second, Water Thicker Than Blood, provide her with the perfect escape from life’s “blues”, and allow her to explore and to dictate relational truths. Her characters are complex, demonstrating her own intrigue with the flaws of human behavior and her desire to understand better the inner conflict that can often consume us all. Terrell admits that her stories seem to write themselves and that her characters are no different than our friends, family members and neighbors. It is this element that connects us most to her words.

Water Thicker Than Blood